About Tammy Joe!

Hi my Name is Tammy Joe, licensed massage therapist. A graduate from the Career academy in 2011. Educated in swedish massage, myofacial release, trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage and relaxation massage and more continuing education to come. There is more treatments to offer you, such as hot stone massage and aroma therapy at no extra cost to you..

The main focus is medical massage.. To release tight, stiff muscles that create pain, aches, soreness and trigger points that causes referral pain/s throughout the body.. To break down adhesions and knots as gradually and pain free as possible by slowly going into deeper pressure as the body allows.. with continuous feed back from the client.. To ensure your getting the best out of your treatment/session.

  Do you have low back pain? and are you having trouble sitting for long periods of time with pain and contantly have to adjust the way you sit? Do you have burning and pain between the shoulder blades? are your shoulders uneven? Are you experiencing hip pain and are they uneven with one side higher elevated then the other? Are you unable to move with full range of motion, for instance having trouble looking to your right or left with pain or discomfort or unable to raise the arm or leg, unable to bend over? If any of these problems are causing you issues call and book your massage to address these problems today!

 Anchorage's Affordable Massage has a great rate which will help make it easier to see you more frequently. You will see progress in Pain Relief, looser muscles and an increase range of motion. With great success in breaking down knots at the pressure you want and that the body allows to ensure a wonderful massage with immediate and an excellent outcome. You will be well pleased to see such immediate results!

  Have you experianced a massage session/treatment before? did it help? if your not a believer in the benifits to massage call now to better understand the benifits it will do for you or a loved one. You will not leave feeling disappointed with the amazing results!